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Hello world!

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for over a year now. I guess my biggest hesitation was rooted in my own uncertainty of what I would write about. My training is in Secondary Education, Physics and Math. During my undergrad studies I became very interested in issues surrounding assessment and feedback. After a few years my interest shifted towards technology in the classroom. My current position is technology consultant and I am attached to a district wide literacy initiative. I have been investigating pedagogy to promote literacy in the 21st Century. In sum, you may say that my experience is diverse.

Over the past few months I have come to realize that even with a varied background such as my own I can find some consistency. In each of my endeavours and each of my varied roles I have been focused very much on student learning. This is a focus I am sure you as a reader can relate to. I did not choose to become a teacher because I loved math and science. I didn’t explore assessment for learning because I was trying to fit in with the crowd or use the catch phrases. And I certainly did not implement technology in my lessons just to say I was achieving some ICT outcome.

Everything I’ve done as an educator is driven by the belief that student learning will improve. That critical thinking and collaboration are valuable competencies developed through the medium of our curriculum. And ultimately that through educational experiences students will develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become effective members of society.

Contemplating Education will be a place for me to comment on issues, initiatives, theories and practices in education. Please participate with me through this blog to discuss and share ideas in my quest to synthesize the common professional knowledge and understandings of educators around the world.

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