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Inspired By a 10 Month Old

I’ve spent the past 10 months head over heels, smiling ear to ear because I am a new father.  I spend as much time as I possibly can playing with my son, Ben.  This evening while considering the enormous amount of learning that Ben is experiencing during our playtime, I realized my important role.  To Ben, I am a safeguard; someone he trusts and who loves him.  When I’m around, Ben has no fear, no inhibitions.  He explores whatever interests him in whatever way makes sense.  I provide the resources he needs; toys, books and musical instruments (he strums the guitar pretty good BTW).  Coupled with a safe and comfortable environment, Ben will learn everything he needs to learn to be ready for life.

At home, I truly am a facilitator of learning.  If only we can figure out how to make it work this well in the classrooms… with a set curriculum, 36 kids, nearly no budget for great resources and during a 67 minute period.


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