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Presentation: Managing Your Digital Tattoo

I held a session on Friday with Danny Maas for grade 5 and 6 students in our district.  We were asked to speak to digital citizenship, and so given the timeframe we focused on the idea of a digital tattoo.  We collaboratively built a presentation using prezi meeting, and in less than an hour on prezi meeting we created the basis for what turned out to be a very successful session.

Our goal was to inform students of the concept of a digital tattoo, and to empower students with some basic knowledge so that they could make informed decisions when they participate online.  We framed the session around two sub topics: respecting others and respecting self.

We wanted to talk about cyberbullying, and Danny introduced this great video to strike up some conversation among students.  We provided the focus question “how do the things I  and do online affect the people around me” to talk about the video, and students came up with great ideas about cyberbullying, how it makes the bully feel, the victim, and how it victimizes the whole community.  Students were even able to make connections with things they can do to prevent and maybe even stop cyberbullying.  We also got into conversations about how other people’s perceptions can be changed by our activities online.

Danny then shared another video to show what social media sites do with your information.  Students talked about the responsibility they have when posting information about not only themselves but others online. They came up with ideas on when it might be appropriate to post pictures/videos of others, and how it might make other people feel when you do that (in both positive and negative ways).

Overall it was about 50 minutes of mostly students talking and sharing ideas, collaborating to construct a common knowledge of how their actions online affect both themselves and the people they interact with.  Danny and I both felt confident that, generally, students left the session empowered with knowledge that would be important when making decisions and judgements when interacting online.

Thanks Danny for the great session!

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