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Collaboration On The Web – Quick Links

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

More notes will be up here on friday, but for now, here is easy access to the necessary links.

Presentation (Prezi) Here

Participate On These Links

Online MindMapping

Virtual Stickies

Virtual WhiteBoarding

Collaborative Documents:

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Join an ASCD Group: Technology for Teaching and Learning

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The ASCD is a top-notch educators organization that provides books, resources and various PD opportunities to teachers. The ASCD Annual Conference is an amazing experience and should be on a list for any educator to attend.

One are that the ASCD lacks in is support for technology in education. I hope to change this by forming an ASCD Professional Interest Community (PIC) titled: Technology for Teaching and Learning. Please join me in the formation of this ASCD community by signing up here! Both ASCD members and non members can join, the only requirement is that there are a minimum of 15 ASCD members.

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Virtual Learning Coming … Now!

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

On January 5 2011, Microsoft brought virtual reality to the masses by announcing Avatar Kinect. Avatar Kinect will allow users to engage in virtual environments, through an avatar that will depict real facial expressions and movements. Users will be able to enter virtual environments as their avatar, and engage in conversations and various other activities – even learning activities. This could push virtual reality to the critical mass that would make virtual learning environments feasible for millions of people.

Avatar Kinect will be able to run on the over 50 million XBox 360’s that already sit in living rooms – and these numbers are growing fast. It is possible that the software will eventually become available to all Windows users which is about 1 billion people. In the not too distant future this may be a regular way you connect with your students and colleagues – at which point I can finally stop having to worry about aligning my interactive white board!

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