Me, Daniel Espejo

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Daniel Espejo is an Educational Technology Consultant with Edmonton Catholic Schools.  He is co-founder of, an educational technology blog with tens of thousands of readers, has contributed to a variety of educational publications, and presents across North America on topics of education. He was the Director of the science teachers conference in Alberta, organizer and cofounder of the Edmonton Catholic Schools Film Festival, and is currently working on the inaugural Digitally Empowered Catholic Citizen’s Summit that will organize students from around the globe to discuss empowerment through social media. Daniel joins the TEDxYouth@Edmonton organizing committee with excitement to provide youth with another platform to be heard.

My Digital Tattoo

I thought it would be interesting to create a database of places I find myself online through various web searches.  I didn’t include any blog mentions or twitter mentions because it becomes far too numerous.

  • I turned on the ATA Science Conference website
  • I run an iPad blog,
  • An article I wrote for a journal run by the University of Lethbridge
  • Another article I wrote for the Canadian Association of School Administrators.
  • In the Science Council ATA Executive Corner
  • A profile of a colleague, Susana Gerndt, on ASCD Scholars
  • In a blog post written by my Superintendent
  • A List of presenters at the 2010 Science Council Conference of the Alberta Teachers Association
  • A news article (Western Catholic Reporter) from when I was in high school, doing so me charity work.
  • A SADD website from when I was in high school, that apparently hasn’t been updated in 11 years
  • my British Petroleum A+ for Energy Grant for a project I was doing with my gr 10 science class.
  • A small company I used to run a few years ago, that still has a decent presence online (I still get phone calls almost daily, drives me crazy)
  • I don’t love these websites, but they exist.  Here is me on rate my teacher.
  • My name being mentioned for volunteering at the American Association of Physics Teachers 2008 conference – I usually forget about this.
  • I volunteered to mentor new teachers, and apparently there is an article online.  Who knew?!
  • ToonDoo mentioned one of my blogposts on Facebook

The views, opinions and ideas that I express on this blog or anywhere online are my own, and in no way represent the views or beliefs of my school district.

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