Presentations & Publications


Recent Conference Presentations

  1. Engaging Students with Mobile Technology – Using iPads to Address Student Diversity (2012) Annual Conference, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Developing Discourse In The Classroom With Web2.0 (2011) Annual Conference 2011, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. San Francisoc, CA.
  3. Developing Academic Rigour with Social Media (Collaboration with Susana Tomé-Gerndt) Annual Conference 2010, Alberta Teachers Association Science Council
  4. Literacy Strategies for the 21st Century (Team Presentation) Annual Conference 2010, Alberta Initiative for School Improvement
  5. Using Classroom Discussions as Assessment (Collaboration with Susana Tomé) Annual Conference 2009, Alberta Assessment Consortium
  6. Performance Tasks in Secondary Science Classrooms (Collaboration with Monica Posteraro), Annual Conference 2008, Science Council, Alberta Teachers Association
  7. Assessment in Action: High School Science, Fall Conference 2008, Alberta Assessment Consortium

Recent Publications

  1. Increasing Student Engagement Through Digital Literacy (Collaboration with Susana Tomé) Leaders and Learners Summer 2010, Canadian Association of School Administrators
  1. November 19, 2010 at 16:26

    Any chance there is public access to the presentations on Developing Discourse In The Classroom With Web2.0 and Using Classroom Discussions as Assessment. They’d be very useful to look at to gain some more ideas for my Masters research.

    • November 20, 2010 at 19:40

      Hi Sarah,
      The presentation on discourse hasn’t happened yet. I assure you once it does, it will be there. I’m pretty sure that “using classroom discussions as assessment” is somewhere on my hard drive at work. I’ll find them on Tuesday and post it as a zip file.

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