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ToonDoo Tutorial

April 8, 2011 1 comment

I receive a lot of feedback on my article on comic strip creation, so I thought I would go the next step and provide a basic tutorial for creating cartoons. Please feel free to use, modify, edit, whatever. But, if you make a million dollars off of this, you owe me half ;).

If it is useful to you, please let me know. It’s always nice to know people appreciate the work.

Here is the ToonDoo Tutorial, titled: Getting Started with ToonDoo


Become an Expert with Googles Similar Search

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I had a teacher ask me how I know about ‘every single website’ out there (her words).  Obviously I do not know every single site, but when I’m asked to do a presentation on a topic, like say creating cartoons, I look for as many sites as I can find.  As a technology consultant, I want to know which sites are favourites of my own and decide which one or two I will recommend to teachers (and for what reasons). So, I usually start with a few go to sites that I’m familiar with, and simply do a “similar” search in google.  Works great, and if you do a related/similar search for enough websites, you eventually find (almost) everything.

I started off looking for cartooning sites for my cartooning website review by searching for as shown below

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